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Why New Orleans?

One of the first questions I get from anyone that hasn't spent time here in the Big Easy is why New Orleans? What makes you so interested in this city. The answer for me is easy.

It's Home.

It's where I was born and raised, but I think it's much more than that.

“There are only three great cities in the United States,” Tennessee Williams once said “New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. All the rest are Cleveland”

This city has a 300 year old culture that is mixed with pieces from every race, color and creed. It is better than a mixing pot. It's a gumbo. No where else can you get the feel of old Europe in one block, the Caribbean in the next then a modern city after that.

I hope you'll come back often and share in our love for the city that care forgot. We are always happy to have others be part of our Big Easy Life.

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